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SuperEstimator: Introduction
SuperEstimator is the world's leading software catering to  Engineers' & Contractors' requirements for quick, easy & accurate preparation of Estimates, Bids, Bills & Rate Analysis....Click Here to Download Brochure

SuperEstimator: Estimation & Rate Analysis Software

SuperEstimator is brought to you at most affordable prices by Concrete-Techgroup - the creators of internationally renownedd website  http://www.concretebasics.org  and  the partners to International Best Seller Project Software with over 10 million downloads!.

Concrete-Techgroup also brings to you  World's most trusted Project Templates used by over 1 million Project Managers; the clients include most of the top international brands & organizations including World Bank, UNICEF, Dell, NOKIA, Siemens, APPLE, NIKE, ORACLE etc.

Call 24x7 Help Line no: +91-9969440665 for any enquiries

Important Features of SuperEstimator  include:

  • Its unmatched near 100% flexibility allows you to prepare practically any kind of Estimate/Bid/Rate Analysis/bills in just a few clicks...View/Download Screenshot of SuperEstimator's unique Item Selection Screen which makes the whole process  just a game!

  • Compatible with Standard Schedule of Rates/Analysis of Rates of almost all the major International & National government & private organizations including CPWD, MES, Railways, State PWDs etc.

  • Prepare all kinds of Estimate/Rate Analysis/bills based on SOR (Schedule of Rates) Items or NS (Non-Schedule) Items or combination of SOR & NS Items

  • Make use of Standard Template feature for quick preparation of estimates /bids for various works including earthwork/Buildings/ Roads/Bridges/ Tunnels/Railways etc.

  • Bid/Quote for any tender/work based on SOR and/or NS Items

  • Prepare Contractor/Sub Contractor’s  bills for any tender/work based on SOR and/or NS Items

  • Create your own Central Data Bank for storing & managing Estimates, Bids, Bills, Rate Analysis , pictures, technical specifications, payment conditions & related information

  • Print the Estimates, Bids, Bills, Rate Analysis directly as per your own specific format. You also have option of exporting reports to Word/Excel/pdf/HTML formats 
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